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Chartered by the
South Bay Yacht Club
1491 Hope St, San Jose, California, U.S.A.

.4270502° N
.9812207° W


BSA Sea Scout Ship #300 was chartered by the
South Bay Yacht Club, Alviso (north San Jose), California, in 2016.

For more info, check out the presentation given to the South Bay Yacht Club in September, 2016

More info:

The South Bay Yacht Club (aka SBYC) has an extensive history of boating in the South Bay.  Many of "The Valley of Heart's Delight's" movers-and-shakers were members of SBYC.  (More info to be added soon.)

Here's a picture of the South Bay Yacht Club
in 1916.  The guy front-and-center is THE Jack London!

South Bay Yacht Club

Sailboats registered at South Bay Yacht Club between 1929 and 2016
(Note, some of these names are duplicates and typos that need to be fixed or removed.
Bear with us as we try to get the list fixed.)

Airemar Dulcinea Ma Shooz Searcher
Amorita Earl Grey Mana Kai Searches
Arabella Finesse Maringo Seaward
Ark Royal Graybill Mark of Dawn Senta
Au Revoir II Habi Melissa Three Jay’s
Balihai Happy Days Mignon Three Jay's
Bon Tiki Hobbie Holder Moonraker Tigress
Bon-Tiki Hobie Holder Mouette Tondelayo
Breeze Igloo Myrth and Pigeen Tondolayo
Brittany Dawn Itch Bay Nahra Tulagi
Cadence Itch-Bay Nanok Uncle Willie
Canta Libre Jessie Ann Osprey Us-Two
Charlene Jubilation Peanuts Valhalla
Cherelene Kini-Po’-Po’ Pegeen II Vega
Clown Kyaquot Penguin Viking
Corsair Kyoquot Polaris Wanderer
Corsair III Kyuquot Red Baron Wandering Star
Corsair IV Lady Art II Sarah Sea Wee Tot
Cozy Float Lively Lady II Saro Jane Wind Song
Dolly Grey (32 Aries) Lolomi Scott Free Windspirit
Doris Jean III Lucienne Seafarer  

Motorboats registered at South Bay Yacht Club between 1929 and 2016
(Note, some of these names are duplicates and typos that need to be fixed or removed.
Bear with us as we try to get the list fixed.)

2nd Wind Earl Gray Lolomita Rooster
9665EZ Ebony Queen Longevity Ruhe
A.B.J Ebony Queen .. Lorry B Ruth Ann
Aine Eldee Louisa Anne Santa Maria
Albatross Elizabeth Lucy Satellite
Albin Emily Lulu Scott Free II
Aline Erna Lulu-E Scottie
A-Line Erns Luna Scotty
Amajo Estrella Lybob Sea Bird
Amamjo Excalibur Lyn-E-Lo Sea Brant
Amanjo Fadipals Lyn-E-Lou Sea Haven
Appollo Fantasy Madelaine Sea-Deuce
Arbys II Finally Madre Mia Second Wind
Arlene III Francesca Mahibel Serendipity
Art Fraulein Mahitabel Shady Lady
Asylum G. E. M Mahytah Belle Sharon
Bad News Gazpachu Mari jane II Sheba
Badger Gemini Marietta Sheba II
Barbara Gemini . Marigold Silver Dollar
Barco de Madera Gen-Art Marijane II Sinbad
Barney III Genesis Marijane III Slough Bird
Bateau Gerley Mark of Dawn Spooled Again
Bee-Jay Gilly-Yacht Marv Stuart Sprig Gig
Betel Geuse Gladie B Mary Lynn Star Dust
Betley Gladie-B Mary Stuart Sucie Two
Blue Goose Gladys B II Mary T Summer Solstice
Blue Moon Gladys B-II Mauri II Suzie Two
Boat 31 Golden Pheasant Mermaid Sweet Life
Bobby Keith Graemar Migirl Swiss Miss
Bo-Kay III Graemer Millie Swordefish
Bon-Tiki Green Hornet Mimi V Tarpon
Bottom Dollar Gypsy Girl Mimi VI Tay Marie
Bountiful Gypsy Woman Miriam Tee-Jay
Brigay Hangover Miss Fortune Teneya
Bug Eye High Life Miss Lee The Brothers Three
Bye Bye $$$ High Life IV Miss Vicky Tiger III
Cecelia B Hiltot Mollie-C Tonga-Tu
Ceco II Hiltot II Molly Lee Vacatio
Cecol II Holly Bob III Muffdiver Valhalla
Centry Hoot Mon Nam-El-Oh Valkyrie
Century Hopeso Namn Vamoos
Charles B Hossanas Namu Vamp
Cherokee IV-Mar Nan Vaporetto II
Chips Jacqueline Nan-Sea Varco de Madera
Chiquita Janie B Neptune Vareo de Madera
Chr-ow Jaqueline Nettie Venture
Chumaka Arlena Kai none Vibar III
Cjelph Kathie Norman D Victoria
Cleo-H Kayot Not Yet VII Blades Two
Cleo-R Kayqt Nunyette ViLou
Cold Duck K-D Kay Nutmeg II Wanderlure
Corsair K-D-Kay Oleto Warm Spot
Corsairs Kwajalein Ondina Wave Kist
Cycol La Dulce Vida Orrin R We-three
Dee Dee III La Dulce Vida . Orrin-R Why Knot
Donna Lee Lady Jame Pitti Pat Windy Pink
Donna-Lee Lady Jane Pitty Pat Wynn
Donnamae Lady-Art Pitty Pat II Yola
Doris Jean II Lazy Susan Pleasure Yvonne
Dorothy Ann Leibehen Porgee Zelph
Dorothy Anne Lekin-Lena Preparation H Zizzizit
Dorothy Anno Leprechaun Pricess Zulu
Dorothy C Le-Ru Princess  
Dorothy M Lidabob Pugnose  
Dorsy Lien'O Quester  
Dragon Lady Lil-Bit Rag Time Anne  
Eabre Little Lee Rarotonga  
Eabro Little Ole Ratombo  
Eagle Little Toot Ratty  
Eagre Lolomi Ray Marie  

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