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12-10-16 -

Open House at the South Bay Yacht Club

Chartered by the
South Bay Yacht Club
1491 Hope St, San Jose, California, U.S.A.

.4270502° N
.9812207° W

Sea Scout Promise
As a Sea Scout, I promise to do my best
* To know the location and proper use of life saving devices on every boat I board
* To guard against water accidents
* To be prepared to render aid to those in need
* To seek to preserve the motto of the sea: Women and Children First

Boy Scouts of America - Sea Scout Ship #300


New Sea Scout On-Boarding questions SSS 300 Alviso

Please answer questions only if they pertain to your experience or interest
The goal of this “Interview” is to understand the overall personality of the ship’s crew as well as the Scout
This is mission critical to assuring program is aligned with the interest of the Scouts throughout their experience.
Participating in an “Admission Ceremony” includes responses to this questionnaire.

Are you currently registered with Boy Scouts of America Sea Scout Ship #300:  Yes  No 

Note: if you are not registered, please contact the committee chair
 Lisa Bickford <> immediately for registration paperwork.

Scout's First Name:  Scout's Last Name: 

Scout's Email:

Scout's T-Shirt Size (so we can order T-shirts)  XXL XL  S

1. What interested you most to turn in an application to join this ship?
2. What current clubs, organizations, groups or associations, etc… are you participating in that relate in any way to the Sea Scout program? Any past participation you would like to mention?
3. What leadership training do you have from Boy Scouts of America or any other organization?
4. If you are a dual registered Scout currently in another Scouting unit, what is your current rank and the date you expect to complete your next rank?
5. If you were a previously registered Scout will you start rank advancement, merit badges where you left off, will you study Sea Scout advancement only or both?
6. Please list all merit badges and other training you have from BSA.
7. In Scouting learning how to learn and learning how to teach is very important. Your success and the success of future crews rely on this principal. Look over the rank requirements in the Sea Scout Manual and determine where your highest level of interest is. List your top 3 you want to learn and top 3 you want to learn how to teach here.
8. List the ones you can teach now.
9. Being at sea for multiple days and nights is different than a long hiking trip. Close quarters can amplify or increase the occurrence of becoming annoyed with one another. This can dangerously impact team participation and morale creating a negative environment. If two crew members can’t resolve personal or program issues between you, describe what you can do to get any conflicts or annoyances resolved.
10. In order form most interested to least interested list your top 10 activities you want to participate in related to Sea Scouting. Watch videos and search  if you need ideas or inspiration.
Any final comments you would like to share with us?
Example, do you have special training/talent/resources that would be helpful for the troop?

Thank you for taking the skills survey.  We are glad that you are with us in Ship #300

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