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12-10-16 -

Open House at the South Bay Yacht Club

Chartered by the
South Bay Yacht Club
1491 Hope St, San Jose, California, U.S.A.

.4270502° N
.9812207° W

Sea Scout Promise
As a Sea Scout, I promise to do my best
* To know the location and proper use of life saving devices on every boat I board
* To guard against water accidents
* To be prepared to render aid to those in need
* To seek to preserve the motto of the sea: Women and Children First

EVENT - Saturday December 10, 2016
Sea Scout Ship #300 Open House

The first open house of Sea Scout Ship #300 Alviso, was held on Saturday December 10, 2016 at the South Bay Yacht Club, 1491 Hope Street, Alviso, California.  Skipper Mark Anderson and Committee Chair precided over a soggy but fun day.

Leader: Sea Scout Ship 300 Skipper - Mark Anderson

Click for the First Flag Raising Ceremony -->

atch the first Ship 300 Flag Ceremony

Preparing for the flag ceremony

The host organization's "burgee" is the first to be raised.

Then the state flag is raised.

Finally the country flag is raised.

The BSA Council District Director and Commissioners look on in approval.

The view from the 2nd floor as the flags fly over the yacht club on the slough.

Santa Clara County Park Rangers were on hand to check out proceedings.

The club was full of festive fun stuff to see and do.

Skipper Anderson and Committee Chair Bickford give tours answer questions.

Skipper Anderson keeps things moving along.

Meanwhile, the Viking's lunch crew keeps the BBQ hot, in spite of getting drenched by rain.

And Hank the Spaniel & cleanup committee keeps a sharp eye out for dropped meat.

The free lunch line was pretty long, but at least the food was good and plentiful, albeit a little soggy because of the rain.

The lunch crew regroups in the galley.

Knot displays caught everybody's attention.

That's one BIG rope!

A generous donation of PFDs personal floatation devices was on hand to keep us safe, if we got a chance to get into the water.

The motor whaler got out for 1 or 2 quick trips in the rain, and the PFDs got a little soggy.  Here they are drying, next to 1 of the kayaks on display.

More knots.  Who knew there were so many knots!

The crew checked out the charts.

More displays upstairs, this one was a radio display.

More displays...

The kayaks stood by, patiently hoping for a break in the rains so they could get onto the water.  Oh wel, the break in rains never came... Next time...

Kayaks are very patient....

Some of the crew showing off our new PFDs.

And finally, the striking of the colors.  When the club's burgee is down, the day is at an end.

Thanks to everybody who made this first open house tons of fun!
Special thanks to the South Bay Yacht Club for hosting this first meeting.

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