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12-10-16 -

Open House at the South Bay Yacht Club

Chartered by the
South Bay Yacht Club
1491 Hope St, San Jose, California, U.S.A.

.4270502° N
.9812207° W

Sea Scout Promise
As a Sea Scout, I promise to do my best
* To know the location and proper use of life saving devices on every boat I board
* To guard against water accidents
* To be prepared to render aid to those in need
* To seek to preserve the motto of the sea: Women and Children First

EVENT - Training at LOS MOCHOS BSA Camp
Friday January 13 - Sunday January 15, 2017
ith the S.S.S. Chaser and many Sea Scout Trainers.

Leader: Sea Scout Ship 300 Skipper - Mark Anderson

The crew of SSS300 "Spartan", Alviso California, joined the amazing all-girls crew of the SSS Viking, San Francisco, California and the intrepid all-boys crew of the SSS Corsair, San Francisco, California at BSA Camp Los Mochos in Livermore, for a weekend of intense Sea Scout training.  THANKS to the Viking and Corsair or giving up a weekend to train us on the basics of Sea Scouting!
Here is the amazing all-girls crew of the SSS Viking, San Francisco, California, in front of their boat.
The intrepid all-boys crew of the SSS Corsair, San Francisco, California set sail in the Bay in the Corsair.

BSA Camp Los Mochos is one of the most popular BSA camps in the region.  However, in January, we had the place to ourselves.  Gorgeous blue skies made for an awesome weekend of training.

First meal on the evening of arrival. 
Skipper Tamara of Viking is front and center.

Training session.

Breakout sessions in the galley

Lots of practical exercises.

Plan plan plan, it's all about planning...

A focused bunch of Sea Scouts...

Our brains were filling....

The instructors were top notch...

Practing how to properly honor visiting a new vessel.

Lisa perpares for hogtying Dean

Ahhhh, a drought-tolerant swimming pool....

Rope throwing.

SSS300 Scouts hit their target every time...

Hmmmm, slap some pontoons onto this old tractor at Los Mochos,
and maybe we have ourselves our first boat  :-)


   Special thanks to the SSS Viking and SSS Corsair, San Francisco, and everybody who pitched in to make this such tremenous training weekend!  There's a LOT to learn... but we have expert instructors, so our brains are filling...

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