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Chartered by the
South Bay Yacht Club
1491 Hope St, San Jose, California, U.S.A.

.4270502° N
.9812207° W

As a Sea Scout, I promise to do my best:
To guard against water accidents
To know the location and proper use of the lifesaving devices on every boat I board
To be prepared to render aid to those in need
To let those less able come first.

Welcome to Sea Scout Ship #300 - S.S.S. Spartan

For more information, email  Dean McCully at

Ready to Apply for Ship 300?

We have FIVE Sailboats now!  Sailing Lessons are Ongoing. 
Join us as Dr. Shirley Reekie gives (FREE) sailing lessons!
Shirley teaches sailing, rowing, and kayaking professor at San Jose State University

Sailing Lessons - the land sessions

        We are still setting dates for the following training and expeditions:
  • Kayak training - we want all of our Sea Scouts to be great kayakers!
  • Sailing excursion with the San Jose Sailing Club - learn how to SAIL!
  • Overnight experiences on boats, camping on whitewater rivers, you name it....

BSA Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council, Pioneer District
Alviso / San Jose / Santa Clara County, California

Skipper Lisa Bickford

WHAT IS "SHIP 300"?   Ship 300 is a co-ed BSA Sea Scout unit (aka "Ship") operating in Alviso, California.  Boys and girls between 14 and 20 years old are welcome to consider joining the fun.

We are chartered by the South Bay Yacht Club, Alviso (San Jose), California, in October 2016.
South Bay Yacht Club SBYC, 1491 Hope Street, Alviso, Ca. 95002Sea Scout Video
Alviso from the Sky - yes we go FLYING too!

Sea Scout Ship 300 (SSS Spartan) was founded in 2016 to provide Silicon Valley youth the opportunity to develop character and leadership through aquatic activities along the San Francisco Bay. The ship's name signifies the unbreakable spirit of the Sea Scouts through their adventures on land and water, while paying homage to the influence of San Jose State University on rising industries throughout Silicon Valley. As the Chartered Organization, the South Bay Yacht Club recognizes the importance of training young adults to become future leaders and has graciously offered their facilities and resources to support this cause.

Among our various activities, the SSS Spartan crew has learned kayaking, sailing, cruising, seamanship, and more. Our Sea Scouts have even put their aquatic skills to the test by participating in regattas and competing against other Sea Scout ships in the San Francisco Bay Area. Additionally, we serve our local community through conservation projects, veterans affairs, and public events. We even offer opportunities for local Scouting units and the general public to kayak along the Alviso Slough, giving our Sea Scouts the chance to teach others what they have learned. Each of these activities help the SSS Spartan crew grow in the ideals of Scouting, but it's also important that they have fun on the water!

Skipper Lisa Bickford

Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council - SVMBC, Pioneer District
For more info, check out the presentation given to the South Bay Yacht Club in September, 2016

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Yours in Scouting!


South Bay Yacht Club in 1916.  The guy front-and-center is THE Jack London!
South Bay Yacht Club

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