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Chartered by the
South Bay Yacht Club
1491 Hope St, San Jose, California, U.S.A.

.4270502° N
.9812207° W

Sea Scout Promise
As a Sea Scout, I promise to do my best
* To know the location and proper use of life
* To guard against water accidents
saving devices on every boat I board
* To be prepared to render aid to those in need
* To seek to preserve the motto of the sea: Women and Children First


Welcome to Sea Scout Ship #300 - S.S.S. Spartan

BSA Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council,
Pioneer District, Alviso / San Jose / Santa Clara County, California
Skipper Mark Anderson

Ship 300 Sea Scouts vote to name the ship "SPARTAN"

Pending charter approval, Sea Scout Ship 300,
SVMBC Council, Pioneer District will be known as:
.S.S. Spartan"

Message from Skipper Anderson....

    The Ship’s name "Spartan" has emerged as the defining character of ship 300. Undaunted, each crew member learns courage and self discipline to accomplish anything they set their minds to. Through dedication to each other, family, reverence and country The Spartan Crews success is certain.

    Also drawing from San Jose State University's influence on the Silicon Valley region, the ship's name "Spartan" is an ideal the crew wishes to emulate.   "Few institutions have been as crucial to Silicon Valley's success as San Jose State University, which trains many of the engineers, software designers and tech savvy business people who keep the Valley's technology machine rolling."
-- San Jose Mercury News

Congratulations to the crew of the S.S.S. Spartan on the new ship name!

WHAT IS "SSea Scout VideoHIP 300"?   Ship 300 is a Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Sea Scout unit (aka "Ship") operating in Alviso, California.

We are chartered by the South Bay Yacht Club, Alviso (San Jose), California, in October 2016.
South Bay Yacht Club SBYC, 1491 Hope Street, Alviso, Ca. 95002

Message from Skipper Mark Anderson
- In the heart of the most influential region on earth, the Sea Scouts, are building a vessel designed to carry a ship load of opportunity. 14 to 20 year old young men and women crew members are guided by experienced adults while leading each other through the Boy Scouts of America’s Sea Scout program. The Ships Mission is to leverage the incredible resources available to the Scouts in the Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council and beyond to offer the highest level of fun and life skills training in the area. Confidence built on successes and lessons learned from working with each other is fundamental to accomplishing the Ships mission. Investing in our future leader’s good character and skills ensures a better world for the Scouts and the world community. 

The historic South Bay Yacht Club, SBYC, is at the center of this effort. Recognizing the influence this region has had on the world, the desire to provide a safe place for our emerging leaders to become the best they can be, the SBYC is making their facility available to them by becoming Ship 300’s Chartered Organization. 

Through service to the community, the environment, veterans and the charter, Sea Scouts of Ship 300 gain even more confidence while serving others and networking with different organizations. 

The opportunity for this Scouting Unit to be part of the re-vitalization of the Alviso area is important to help preserve the cities maritime history and make some history of their own. 

Building skilled, optimistic, fun loving servant leaders is the life for me. Join us for the fun of it if nothing else.

Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council - SVMBC, Pioneer District
For more info, check out the presentation given to the South Bay Yacht Club in September, 2016

More info:

Yours in Scouting!


South Bay Yacht Club in 1916.  The guy front-and-center is THE Jack London!
South Bay Yacht Club

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